Dates of the week of action in December 2023

Protection and asylum for all those from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine who refuse military service

These are the planned actions and events of the action week: Herford, Frankfurt/M., Tampere, Hamburg, Bremen, Lübeck, online, Rostock, London, Berlin, Schwerin, Göttingen, Athens, Mainz, Potsdam, Karlsruhe, Halle (Saale), Naumburg, Löbau. The list is updated regularly.

These are the planned actions and events of the action week. The list is updated regularly.

Tu., December 5, 2023: Herford

Wd., December 6, 2023, 3 pm: Frankfurt am Main, rally and creative action on the south bank of the Main, near the Old Bridge (…more)

Wd., December 6, 2023, 7 pm in Tampere, Finland: Film AKL:n tukikeikka Vastavirralla, Vastavirta-klubi, Pispalan Valtatie 39

Wd., December 6, 2023, 2-4 pm, Hamburg Farmsen train station: information stand

Wd., December 6, 2023: Bremen

Th., December 7, 2023, 12 to 6 pm, in Lübeck, at Kohlmarkt (near Betty Barclays). With a 5m high broken rifle

Th., December 7, 2023, 2 to 3.30 pm, Bonn, Vigil on Martinsplatz

Th., December 7, 2023, 6.30 to 8.30 pm webinar: ObjectWar! Conscientious Objection in the war in Ukraine. Protection and asylum for conscientious objectors and deserters from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. With Rudi Friedrich and Marah Frech from Connection e.V. Organized by DFG-VK. Webinar in Deutsch. (…more)

Th., December 7, 2023, 7 pm Webinar on Conscientious Objection in the Situation of War in Ukraine. With two objectors from Russia. Webinar in English. (…more)

Fr., December 8, 2023, 4pm in Rostock: action at central station

Fr., December 8, 2023, 5-6 pm in London in front of the Israelian Ambassodor’s residence

Sa., December 9, 2023: Schwerin, Old Garden

Sa., December 9, 2023, 11 am in Berlin, rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate with speakers from Russia and Belarus and a visually powerful street theater action

Sa., December 9, 2023, 12 am in Göttingen, rally at “Nabel” (Weender Str./Theaterstr.)

Sa., December 9, 2023: Athens, Greece, in front of the Greek parliament

Sa., December 9, 2023, 2 pm in Mainz, Solidarity with Prisoners for Peace, event to mark Prisoners for Peace Day, Julius-Lehlbach-Haus, Kaiserstr. 26-30. (…more)

Su., December 10, 2023, 11 am in Potsdam, Platz der Einheit: The memorial to the unknown deserter will be decorated with flowers. Deserters and opponents of military service are honored, especially in relation to the current war in Ukraine

Su., December 10, 2023, 6 pm in Karlsruhe, Tollhaus, Alter Schlachthof 35: As part of the event tot he Human Rights Day – Showing Solidarity

Su., December 10, 2023, 1 to 2.30 pm in Halle (Saale)

Su., December 10, 2023, 2.30 pm and 4pm in Hamburg (…more)2.30 pm rally (monument for deserters, Dammtor)
4 pm Discussion (webinar) on Campus of Hamburg University, Syntagma VMP 5 (WIWI-Bunker), besides the HASPA-Cafe: Protection and Asylum for deserters and conscientious objectors during the Russian invasion in Ukraine (German and Russian)

Su., December 10, 2023, 3.30-5.00 pm in Naumburg

Su., December 10, 2023, 12-12.30 pm in Löbau, deserters’ memorial in Brunnenstraße

Th., December 14, 2023, 6 to 7.30 pm: 2nd online-Webinar of Peace Calling. With Dr. Margot Käßmann, Clemens Ronnefeldt, Özlem Demirel (MEP). Organized by Grüne Alternative. Webinar in German.